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Guuruume is your go-to platform for connecting with the global dance community



In today’s fast-paced world, the opportunity to connect and communicate with the dance community is exhilarating. By creating a centralized hub encompassing all dance resources, events, and artists globally, we are empowering even greater artistic excellence within this powerful and beautiful dance community that we all love!



“Guuruume is the future of our industry, knowing that the digital world is here to stay, this application makes your life easier as a dancer to find easily and quickly training and your favorite teachers. Thanks to this app we are all in one place and traveling and dancing is just a click away.”



“The application would allow users to participate in events by displaying a QR code. It would alert the user when an event matched his pre-registered criteria. In this way, he wouldn’t miss out on any opportunities. Credits could also be accumulated based on the number of uses, to be used for dance equipment or event passes.”



“I think that as the app’s database fills up and people become more aware of what it can do for them, it will become a reference point in the industry and a must-have for carefully selecting the events you want to attend.”



“This platform will offer a wide panel for dancers from the 4 corners of the globe and provide access to precise information on current and future events and the various players in our community. It’s unique and will bring together all the world’s dance enthusiasts with a few clicks. All concocted by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.



I believe that this app perfectly connects dancers, events, and DJs. Especially now there are so many festivals that I can easily follow all of them thanks to this app and I can buy my tickets at discounted prices. I believe that it is a must-have app for a dancer with its ever-improving features.